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AE FastTrack

Your auto-enrolment solution, all wrapped up!

All you need to do is fill in a form and we take care of everything else!  Wouldn't it be nice to have:-

✓ an award-winning, market leading pension scheme
✓ a scheme that's been pre-designed to reduce your costs and administration
✓ someone to set your scheme up for you
✓ a scheme information summary to help your payroll administrator

✓ a pension policy and wording for employment contracts (no legal fees...)
✓ an informative announcement letter to your employees
✓ no extra premium for last-minute applications
✓ payroll guidance or full AE payroll bureau service (if required)


auto-enrolment bureau

The Auto-Enrolment Bureau are the people behind AE FastTrack. We’re a specialist auto-enrolment company established purely to support small businesses like yours through the challenges of auto-enrolment at an affordable cost.

If you’d like to go the extra mile and find out about other pension providers in the auto-enrolment market, we also offer a Bespoke service which includes a full market review of available auto-enrolment providers and a bespoke scheme design. 

We also run a busy payroll bureau - if you're struggling with your payroll administration and auto-enrolment, now might be the time to outsource this to our experienced payroll team. 

Auto-Enrolment Bureau Limited - Business of the Year

Gloucestershire Woman of the Year Awards 2017

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 Bespoke Services

  • Do you have an existing scheme?
  • Why choose AE FastTrack?
  • What if I don't comply?

If you have an existing Stakeholder scheme or Group Personal Pension, you may be able to adapt this scheme to ensure it is auto-enrolment compliant. Unfortunately, in our experience we’re finding that many providers cannot adapt their existing pension schemes, and a new auto-enrolment scheme will inevitably be required.

We are able to review existing schemes for you and would recommend you carry out a review before proceeding further with AE FastTrack.

If your current (non compliant) scheme offers terms which are better than the statutory minimum required for an auto-enrolment scheme, such as a higher contribution rate, then you will be able to continue these terms in your new auto-enrolment scheme. Please contact us to find out how this can be achieved.

The Auto-Enrolment Bureau is a specialist auto-enrolment company, and we’ve used or specialist knowledge to design our AE FastTrack pension scheme to suit the majority of small businesses who don’t already have an existing pension scheme in place. We believe that auto-enrolment for employers should be quick to implement and cost effective, without compromising on the quality of your pension scheme. The People’s Pension is an award-winning Master Trust and a Qualifying Pension Scheme for auto-enrolment purposes. NEST is the Government's own Master Trust, created for auto-enrolment. Aviva's Company Pension is a great commercial alternative. The one design nature of AE FastTrack enables us to provide you with a high quality pension scheme for a fraction of the cost of many other auto-enrolment companies or IFAs.

You’ll be fully compliant with the complex legislation around automatic pension enrolment and you will be providing your employees with an award-winning, quality pension scheme that you can be proud to offer.

Auto-enrolment is government legislation and the fines for non-compliance are substantial. If there is a persistent and wilful failure to comply, the Pensions Regulator can issue escalating penalties at a prescribed daily rate, ranging between £50 and £10,000 per day, depending on the number of employees affected. If the employer fails to pay a financial penalty and remedy the breach, in certain circumstances they may ultimately face prosecution.

Don’t risk non-compliance - plan ahead!

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